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Samenvatting: Blood of the fold (Derde wet van de magie) eng

Richard and Kahlan are trying to bring order to the Midlands after the war. Richard has declared himself ruler of all theMidlands and Master of D'Hara. Sister Verna has returned to the Old World and the Palace of the Prophets where she and Warren are working together to find and defeat the Sisters of the Dark, but two new evils are already abroad; one in the New World and One in the Old. A movement which calls itself The Blood of the Fold has as its mission the destruction of all magic and those who posess magical abilities. This is supposedly being done for good but is really an evil sent into the world by The Keeper to try to defeat additive magic. The second evil presence is in the form of General Jagang whose army is slowly conquering the Old World to add to his empire. Jagang is a Dreamwalker; a person with the ability to invade people's minds in their sleep and thus control their actions. The only safety to this insidious invasion is absolute allegience to Richard as Master of D'Hara. This third book is not nearly as long as his second and many members of the Terry Goodkind club on Prodigy felt it was a "bridge" book from the second to the fourth in the series because it sets up many new characters and situations that will need to be explored and explained. I think this book displays Mr. Goodking's abiltiy to write humerous situations. One particular scene where Gratch, who has been searching for Richard, finally meets up with Zedd was extremely funny and, I thought, very well done. This book is not quite as bloody as Stone of Tears with its graphic battle scenes but there is enough action to satisfy those so inclined. It also leaves one with so many unanswered questions and new situations that you will be waiting eagerly for the publication of "Temple of the Winds" due out this autumn.

Geschreven door: Virginia Shaw