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Samenvatting: Stone of tears (Tweede wet van de magie) eng

Terry Goodkind started out with such a bang with WFR, that I don't know that he could possibly match it. WFR is still my favorite of the three, but SOT is only a step below. It's wonderful, well written, and very interesting. It keeps you jumping from Richard to Kahlan and back, often at some of the most interesting points, but even if you're dying to know what happens next with Richard, you soon are just as interested in Kahlan. Which I think, does a good job of holding your interest. Zedd had a very minor role., which was rather a disappointment, but it was a good role, if small. Adies history was, I thought, to obviously made up after WFR. If you're going to have a complex history, make it up WITH the character, I say. Some times it works to do it later, but in this case it was kind of strange learning Adie had a lost love Pel, and then having that problem be resolved, all in the same book. She's supposed to have had this problem for years, and yet in WFR we hear nothing that hints at it. The character of Ann, the Prelate, (sorry if I'm jumping around to much. I'm just talking about things as I think of them.) was much to manipulative. She uses the prophecies to much, in my opinion. Some people have roles that they must not know about, in order to do them right. (I'm talking mainly about Verna here.) Yet ANN never has such a role! ANN never has to do anything without knowing about it! I do like Ann, but I think the way she uses the prophecies is a little unbelievable. The war scenes with Kahlan were well written, and some times even a little to realistic. (here I'm referring to Galea.) The minor subplot of Chase trying to get to Richard was really necessary though. He never made it to him, and some times the scenes with him were easy to miss, or confusing. (I have a friend who never understood how Chase got into the desert) I suppose it was done though, so Richard would know where the Stone of Tears was, and not have to go searching for Rachel. The ending was very good, and the prophecies about Kahlan was a wonderful plot trick. I absolutely KNEW Kahlan wouldn't die, because she was one of the two main characters, and you know those never die right? Sure in some books important people die, (actually, this has started more recently I think, and I find it makes books some times better and more realistic, and also painful.) but with the love Richard and Kahlan have, and the way they had found out they could be together, and just the fact that you know Richard would kill himself without Kahlan (the way he almost did) and THEN where would the story go, I just knew she couldn't die. Still, I didn't know HOW she'd manage not to die. And when Mistress Sanderholt told Richard that she had seen it, I was just as confused as he was. "Not my Kahlan. My Kahlan can't be dead." TG very nearly had me certain there, but I clung to hope, without knowing how she'd be alive, but just thinking she must. A very nice little plot trick, I must say. Of course, some people would probably figured out what had actually happened, but I didn't until it was explained. I also get very emotionally involved in books, which is why I was upset about Kahlan. I come to feel the characters are real people, that in a way I know better then you could know real people, since I can know what they're thinking or feeling. Books are a passion for me.=) But I'm off the subject. The ending wasn't quite as neat as WFRs, leaving you a feeling that everything was okay for the moment, (and ONLY for a moment, as it turns out) and it obvious that Richard and Kahlan wouldn't be together for awhile yet, but it did have a nice sense of an ending. All in all, I loved this book, and would give it five stars.

Geschreven door: Kahlan

Belangrijk! Dit verslag is bedoeld als naslagwerk. Lever nooit verslagen van internet zomaar bij je leraar in, tenzij hier om gevraagd wordt. Je bent zelf verantwoordelijk voor de gevolgen van dit soort fraude.